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Class 1 Philippine Dolphin Watching Destination

Dolphin Watching around Mati offers close encounters with one of natures most intelligent marine mammals. The dolphins here are very much protected from predation by Man and, because many areas of Mati’s coastal water are classified as Marine Protected Areas, the dolphins thrive and are friendly to / inquisitive of visitors.

Dolphin Watching Locations Around Mati

The prime area in Mati for dolphin watching is off Dahican Beach. The Amihan Boys have been the guardians of the bay fronting Dahican beach for more than a decade, and have ensured that the dolphins do not fall prey to fishermen’s nets and lines. Sitting on Dahican Beach you can actually expect to see dolphins paying in the bay almost every day from March to August.

Around the small islands, to the South of Dahican Beach, is another good place for dolphin watching . . . scuba divers and snorkelers here enjoy frequent encounters.

One of the side attractions, in the waters off Dahican Beach, are the frequent sightings of turtles, that arrive at Dahican Beach to lay their eggs. From a dolphin watching boat it is not unusual to see these ocean wandering turtles swimming near the surface and they make their way to the beach.

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Rent Dolphin Watching Boats In Mati

Renting Dolphin Watching in Mati is easy. There are organized boat trips from Dahican Beach at the modest cost of around US$50 per boat.

Bring your camera - a waterproof camera is best to capture the underwater antics of the dolphins - and enjoy the performance of dolphin watching in Mati.

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