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Class 1 Philippine Skimboarding Destination

The skimboarding story in Mati starts with one man who had the motivation to start skimboarding along Dahican Beach. He recruited a group of impecunious youngsters, who played daily along the beach, and formed a training camp for youth: The Amihan Boys. Today, the Amhian Boys are nationally famous for being the best skimboarders in the Philippines and they are frequently champions at international skimboarding competitions overseas.

The Amhian Boys are also guardians of Dahican Beach, protect the nesting sea turtles that lay there eggs, report incursions by fishermen into the sanctuary areas and protect the pods of dolphins that frequent the bay.

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Mati faces the Pacific Ocean and, especially during Spring and Fall, the Pacific Ocean swells arrive along the Davao Oriental coast slid up the deliciously curved Dahican Beach. On each rise of a wave the Amihan Boys will launch their skimboards and perform acrobatics that seem impossible with such a modest amount of momentum and uplift from the wave.

Dahican Beach is perfect for skimbaording and frequent competitions are held here with skimboarders coming from around the Philippines and occasionally from overseas.

If you enjoy skimboarding then Mati is one of the finest places in Asia to enjoy your sport along a beautiful beach where Mother Nature is still appreciated and protected.

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Rent Skimboarding Equipment In Mati

Skimboarding equipment rental at Dahican Beach, Mati, is easy. The Amihan Boys have skimboards to suit most boarders and the rental fees are very modest.

If you are a beginner then the Amihan Boys will enthusiastically assist you to share their passion for skimboarding.

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