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Class 2 Philippines Surfing Destination

Surfing has been an organized sport in Mati, Davao Oriental, for at least a decade. The story starts with one man who had the motivation to start skimboarding along Dahican Beach. He recruited a group of impecunious youngsters, who played daily along the beach, and formed a training camp for youth: The Amihan Boys. Once the boys had mastered skimboarding and won the support of the mayor, he and his students embraced surfing and discovered what is now called the “ABC Break”, immediately to the South of Dahican Beach.

Mati faces the Pacific Ocean and, especially during Spring and Fall, the Pacific Ocean swells arrive along the Davao Oriental coast unhindered from their trip from Hawaii. The surf can be huge at times but mostly it is moderate.

Surfing Locations Around Mati

Mati offers the ABC break, which is comparable to Siargao’s Cloud 9 at times but what makes the ABC break so interesting is that it caters for surfers with all levels of experience: A for advanced, B for intermediate and C for beginners. Anyone can find a place to surf along the ABC break and as your skills improve so you just move a little bit farther along the break.

The ABC break can be surfed at almost any time of year but is best when there is a storm brewing out near Palau, especially during the period from August to December.

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Rent Surfing Equipment In Mati

Surfing equipment rental at Dahican Beach, Mati, can be a challenge. The challenge is that the Amihan Boys only have a limited number of surfboards for hire and at the moment they are the only people offering surfboards for hire along the beach. If you can, bring your own surfboard.

If you area beginner then the Amihan Boys will happily assist you to share their passion for the surf.

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