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Freediving Moalboal, Cebu


Class 1 Philippine Freediving Destination

Freediving around Moalboal has been a sport for a decade or more, and Moalboal was the first location in the Philippines to provide a Freediving school.

Moalboal sits beside the Tanon Strait, which divides Cebu Island from neighboring Negros Island. The Tanon Strait achieves depths of 550 metres but most important is that depths of 150 metres are seen within half a mile from shore at Moalboal. For freediving, Moalboal offers easy access to Personal Best (PB) achievements direct from your chosen beach resort.

Moalboal may be reached within two hours by road from Mactan Cebu International Airport, making it one of the more convenient freediving destinations in the country.

Freediving Locations Around Moalboal

Freediving around Moalboal is perfect if all you are looking for is depth, with no specific destination.

If you are a freediver who appreciates the natural World in which you are diving then Moalboal offers stunning encounters with whale sharks and turtles, almost year round. Freediving off the Pescador Island lighthouse will let you enjoy a blaze of color from the corals and marine life that flourish there.

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Rent Freediving Equipment In Moalboal

Renting freediving equipment in Moalboal is relatively easy as there is at least one freediving school that specializes in the sport, and where equipment is readily available for hours of freediving in the nearby waters.

If you are interested to learn freediving then Moalboal offers that too, with at least one very experienced freediving school, where safety and enjoyment are offered towards your achieving your own PB.

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