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Class 1 Philippine Scuba Diving Destination

Moalboal is one of the first scuba diving locations that made the Philippines famous around the World for its biodiversity of marine life. Located along the Tañon Strait one of the main migration routes for larger marine animals, Moalboal is blessed with crystal clear waters and relatively settled weather for most of the year. Also, being on a peninsular, there is always somewhere to go scuba diving irrespective of the particular monsoon season.

Adventurous scuba divers on a budget have trekked across the mountain range, that appears as the backbone of Cebu Island, to enjoy the pristine coral reef areas off Moalboal. The attraction of scuba diving, particularly amongst foreign tourists, allowed community based tourism business to flourish and, most important, the community take great pride in keeping Moalboal largely unscathed by unsustainable fishing methods that have blighted other nearby areas over the decades.

Most of the best scuba diving locations around Moalboal are within the Moalboal Marine Park, a Marine Protected Area administered by the municipal government. A Marine Park Entrance Fee of approximately US$2 is levied on every diver.

Opportunities For Scuba Diving In Moalboal

Scuba diving around Moalboal is a special experience. Partly because of the clarity of the water and partly because of the pristine coral reefs that have allowed all manner of marine species to flourish.

Whilst everywhere around Moalboal offers scuba diving vistas is bountiful to depths of 40 meters or more there are a few, must-see dive spots that make Moalboal uniquely attractive:

Pescador Island

Pescador Island is a small rocky island with a broad fringe of white sand and corals to a depth of 10 meters. The relatively shallow fringe to the island is followed by an almost shear cliff reef wall that drops away into the cobalt blue of the Tañon Strait, to beyond 40 meters. While whale sharks may be occasionally observed cruising off the edge of the cliffs, white tip and hammerhead sharks are commonly seen near the many caverns that punctuate the cliff walls, the most impressive of which is the Pescador Cathedral - a large underwater cavern through a 15 meter wide funnel, descending to 35 meters. Along the cliff wall you will discover black coral and sea fans of many colors. Your Pescador Island scuba diving experience will be peppered by encounters with shoals of pelagic fish, while the shallow water coral reefs are abundant with small reef fish that feature every color of the rainbow. If you forgot your camera at Pescador Island you will be miffed for sure.

Sunken Island

The dive site known as Sunken Island is actually a sea-mount located off-shore with a top at about 25 meters. Strong tidal flows here mean that only experienced divers are normally invited to observe the delights of Sunken Island. If you are invited to Sunken Island then you can expect to see schools of jacks, tuna, barracuda, grouper and snapper, schools of blue trigger fish and Spanish mackerel; occasional manta rays and passing sharks will add additional excitement and make diving the Sunken Island an experience that will long remain in your memory (and hopefully in your camera).

House Reef

The "House Reef" lies off Panagsama Beach and is perhaps the most spectacular place for macro photographers wishing to capture images of some of the rarer marine life in the Philippines. For example, on the house reef you can see ghost pipe fish, frogfish, nudibranchs and a variety of hermit crabs. At the edge of the reef you can most frequently see Picasso trigger fish while below are anemones and attentive clown fish and other cousins of Nemo.

Other popular dive sites include the airplane wreck - deliberately sunk to create an artificial reef - and Oscar's Cavern - a dive good for two experienced divers at 27 meters.

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Scuba Diving Equipment Rental In Moalboal

Renting Scuba Diving equipment and safety gear in Moalboal is easy. The dive shops mostly have their own swimming pools for training and their own dive boats for taking you to the dozen or so recognized dive sites.

Because Moalboal is a developed scuba diving location, most dive boats are fully equipped with safety equipment and trained staff to cater for any incidents that may occur.

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