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Class 2 River Trekking Destination

River Trekking has been an adventure sport in New Corella for a number of years, pioneered by the Provincial Tourism Office. A number of rivers have been earmarked for river trekking tours and in most cases the development has had only a minimum impact on the surrounding flora and fauna.

There are both old a new trekking areas in New Corella, the old ones are the best. For the best information about where to trek and how to obtain guides we recommend contacting the Municipal Tourism Office in New Corella town center.

River Trekking Locations Around New Corella

The river trekking destinations in New Corella are many. The oldest organized trek is above the Panas Falls where the forest still covers the waters and in the dappled light, rare birds may be seen taking the waters if you proceed quietly.

Many other New Corella rivers are navigable to the enthusiastic trekker, where towering waterfalls pound ancient rocks hurled out from extinct volcanoes. Many have mystical significance to the local communities and local guides deliver more than just path-finding information.

If I was a river trekking enthusiast then New Corella would be on my Philippine bucket-list for many reasons including just for the fun of it.

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Renting River Trekking Equipment In New Corella

Renting river trekking equipment and hiring trekking guides in New Corella is not so easy. Best advice is to contact the Municipal Tourism Office in the New Corella town center, they are enthusiastic for people to discover New Corella.

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