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Class 1 Philippines Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing Destination

Pagudpud was first known as an extreme windsurfing destination but as the sport of kiteboarding / kitesurfing has become main stream (largely due to the improved safety) so traditional windsurfing destinations have mostly adopted kiteboarding as the companion sport. The best time of year to kiteboard / kitesurf in Pagudpud is during the northeast monsoon season (amihan - November to May) when breezes of 20-30knts are common.

Kiteboarding in Pagudpud is not for everyone. The combination of moderate to strong breeze and frequently large waves may be intimidating to the beginner. Pagudpud does have more sheltered areas where learning to kiteboard is easier but the main attraction of Pagudpud is the opportunity for extreme kiteboarding.

Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing Locations Around Pagudpud

Kiteboarding Pagudpud along the West facing beaches is probably the best, but beaches on both sides of the peninsular present good kiteboarding at different times of the year. Pagudpud is most attractive for intermediate and advance kitesurfers by virtue of the combination of steady breezes for maximum speed, predicable wave sets to fly off and a choice of budget or up-market beach resorts to choose from.

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Rent Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing Equipment In Pagudpud

Renting Kiteboarding gear is a lot easier than it once was. There are a number of beach resorts here that cater specifically to kiteboarders, so you can rent boards and kites for a reasonable price; but as people should only trust their own kite maintenance you will probably bring your own anyway.

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