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Class 1 Philippines Windsurfing Destination

Pagudpud has, for more than a decade, been the adventurer’s windsurfing destination; extreme windsurfing enthusiasts from around the World find Pagudpud intoxicating.

Without doubt, Pagudpud offers fantastic windsurfing, with sometimes huge waves to fly off. The best time of year to for extreme windsurfing here is in the northeast monsoon (amihan - November to May) season when breezes of 20-30knts are common.

Windsurfing in Pagudpud is not for everyone. If you are a novice windsurfer then you will find the breeze and waves intimidating. If you are intermediate or advanced then you will find Pagudpud a thrilling challenge. There are plenty of places to stay in Pagudpud to suit most budgets.

The only reason that Pagudpud is not a famous as Boracay in the Philippines for windsurfing is that it is not the easiest place to get to. Flights to the nearest airport at Laoag are not as frequent as to Boracay and after arriving at Laoag airport you still have a road trip of up to two hours (depending on the time of day and traffic conditions).

Windsurfing Locations Around Pagudpud

Windsurfing Pagudpud along the West facing beaches is probably the best, but beaches on both sides of the peninsular present good windsurfing at different times of the year. What makes Pagudpud so attractive for intermediate and advance windsurfers is the combination of steady breezes for maximum speed, predicable wave sets to fly off and a choice of budget or up-market beach resorts to choose from.

International windsurfers who have visited Pagudpud have likened it to Maui, Hawaii. Pagudpud may not be Maui but the windsurfing is just as good and the cost of enjoying the wind and waves is a lot less.

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Rent Windsurfing Equipment In Pagudpud

Renting Windsurfing gear is a lot easier than it once was. There are a number of beach resorts here that cater specifically to windsurfers and will rent boards and sails. Learning to windsurf in Pagudpud is possible but the conditions are ideally suited to intermediate and advanced windsurfers.

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