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Class 2 Jet Skiing Destination

Jet Skiing Panglao, Bohol, is a great way to wash away the stress of city life or just to blow away the cobwebs. With 130Hp or more between you legs you feel invulnerable, as you soar off wave-tops and bounce at gravity’s command. In Panglao you can find all the power you and your friends' pockets can afford.

With the minimum of instruction and only a personal floatation device (PDF) for safety, in Panglao you can rent Jet Skis more powerful than some popular motor cars.

Jet Skiing Locations Around Panglao

Jet Skiing around Panglao is mostly available on the white beaches along the southern shore. Dumaluan Beach is one of the more popular places and one where there is a designated area for Jet Skis, beyond the barrier reef, where you are least likely to interfere with people engaged in other water sports.

Once you have found you Jet Ski you can either stay within the designated areas or you can strike out to Pamilacan Island where Jet Skis have no restrictions. Pamilacan Island is a fishing community and the inhabitants are usually happy to receive visitors and to share their culinary skills for breakfast and lunch.

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Rent Jet Skiing Equipment In Panglao

Renting Jet Skis in Panglao is easy at the larger beach resorts along the South coast of the island. Most beach resort encourage you to enjoy water sports and most of these offer Jet Skis and PFDs for hire; training is minimal and licenses are not required. You can expect to pay around US$65 for jet ski rental, per 30-minute rental.

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