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Golf in the Philippines has a long history that dates back more than a century, to 1907, in Iloilo City. Scottish engineers, employed to build the railway, that transported the sugar cane from the sugar cane plantations of Panay Island to Iloilo port, built a 9-hole golf course and golf club in Iloilo City so that they would have something familiar to do on their days off. The Iloilo Golf Club golf course now boasts 18 holes but there are many more golf courses to choose from around the country.

From Laoag to Davao, the Philippines offers golf courses buried within cities and forests, surrounding forts, high in the mountains, beside beaches and airports, and even overlooking active volcanoes. Every major city has at least one golf course and there are more scattered among the most popular beach resort areas of the Philippines.

Selected Golf Courses In The Philippines

Baguio City

Perhaps the most picturesque of all Philippine golf courses can be found high in the mountains, surrounded by the majestic pine trees of Baguio City. Here, in the mountain air and pine-forested fairways of Camp John Hay (the former U.S. Military base), the 18-hole golf course beckons, especially during the elsewhere-hot, Philippine summer months. Designed by Jack Nicklaus’ company, the Camp John Hay par-69 golf course offers some of the most picturesque views anywhere in Asia. There is also a driving range but, to play, you must stay at an affiliated hotel if you do not already know a member.

Metro Manila

Within the Metro Manila area there are more golf courses than you may imagine. The oldest Metro Manila golf club is the Wack Wack Golf & Country Club, which amazingly offers two, par-72 golf courses, surrounded by modern skyscrapers. Manila Golf is perhaps the most prestigious (and elitist) golf club in the metropolis. The most novel golf course in Metro Manila is the Intramuros golf course, which circumnavigates three quarters of the original Spanish fort-city of Manila. The Intramuros course is open to visitors.

Puerto Galera

The most unusual golf course in the Philippines must be the 9-hole, Ponderosa golf course, set high in the mountains above the resort town of Puerto Galera, offering breathtaking views of Puerto Galera and the Verde Island Passage. The Ponderosa golf course will challenge your short game and give you more exercise than almost any other 9-hole course, anywhere. The Ponderosa golf course is open to visitors.

There are also a number of driving ranges around the Philippines, with golf pros in attendance for tuition and coaching.

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Hiring Golf Equipment & Golf Pros In The Philippines

Most Philippine golf courses and driving ranges are open to visiting golfers, although restrictions may apply on weekends and on public holidays; prior arrangement is highly recommended. Golf courses and driving ranges that are open to visiting golfers will offer clubs for hire, golf pros for tuition and caddies to carry and advise.

Green fees vary considerably from course to course but are typically considerably less than you would pay in any other country. It is expected that golfers will tip the caddies they engage, so the salary of even the most experienced caddie is typically very small . . . please tip generously.

Travel Tip: most Philippine airlines will happily allow you to bring your own golf-clubs as check-in baggage. The only exception are airlines operating seaplanes, where space and weight are limited. Check in advance if the airline you have chosen to your destination allows golf clubs to be carried.

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