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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Adventure Philippines

Stand Up Paddleboarding (“SUP”) originates in Hawaii, where a long-board and paddle was used by surf spotters, who paddled out beyond the surf to watch for, and signal, the approach of potentially favorable wave sets. The activity turned into a sport and became popular for a number of reasons: stand up paddling provides a good, low-impact workout for most muscles in the body and, from the paddler's vantage point, relatively high above the surface of the water, much of the underwater terrain can be viewed without getting wet – unlike e.g. when snorkeling.

The Philippines is blessed with vast swathes of shallow waters between beach and reef, many of these areas feature bountiful corals and marine life. From a stand up paddleboard these glorious marine habitats can be viewed and enjoyed at leisure.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Locations In The Philippines

Stand up paddle boards are frequently found, available for rent, at water sports oriented beach resorts almost everywhere around the country. From Subic Bay to Samal Island, stand up paddleboards are available for rent at the water sports oriented resorts and hotels.

General Luna, Siargao Island

For observing what lies beneath the surface of the ocean, places such as the East coast of Siargao Island, near the town of General Luna, offer spectacular coral vistas bursting with marine life. Here also in Siargao, the alternative activity of stand up surfing is possible and enjoyed by many.

Boracay Island

For people who are interested in a workout in Boracay, renting a paddleboard is a great solution when on vacation because gyms, are few and far between along beach resorts areas. Even the famous island of Boracay, with its hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, only has a couple of gyms . . . but it has many paddleboards for rent.

Laguna de Bay

For the adventurer, there are inland lakes that can best be explored using a stand up paddleboard. For a few years now there have been plans to organize an annual SUP event, crossing Laguna de Bay – the huge, shallow freshwater lake (average depth only 2 metres) that lies to the South of Metro Manila. The challenge has been to navigate through the hundreds of fish pens that stake out claims across its surface.

There are so many Stand Up Paddle Boarding locations in the Philippines that it is impossible to document all or even recommend.

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Renting Stand Up Paddle Boards In The Philippines

It is easy to rent Stand Up Paddle Boards in the Philippines. Almost every water sport oriented resort offers boards for rent at very reasonable rental rates - typically from US$10 per day.

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