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Deep water soloing is all about finding a rock face to climb above deep water; once you reach your point of exhilaration or exhaustion you simply let go and plunge into the warm water beneath.

In the Philippines there are surprisingly few places where deep water soloing can be accomplished. Despite the thousands of kilometers of coastline and the billions of gallons of warm water available, most of the coastline either, features gently sloping white sand beaches easing towards shallow water within coral reefs or, rises almost vertically, mostly sloping towards the land mass behind.

Deep Water Soloing Locations In The Philippines

Around the island of Palawan however, there are limestone cliffs, thrust up by tectonic action, that have been undercut by eons of waves pounding their periphery, some have just the right overhangs for deep water soloing. Particularly around the islands in the Calamian group, which includes Busuanga, and El Nido, there are suitable sites for soloing above warm, deep water.

We have tried deep water soloing around Sangat Island and Black Island, both close to the large island of Busuanga. You will need a boat to get you to these islands but once there, you can challenge yourself against the rock faces and the water is truly warm and inviting at the point you decide to plunge.

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Renting Deep Water Soloing Equipment In The Philippines

If you enjoy deep water soloing then you will know that equipment rental is negligible. However, in most cases you will need to rent a boat. For the areas around Busuanga Island you can rent a boat in Coron Town or from resorts to the West, in the municipality of Busuanga. If in El Nido then boat rental is possible from most resorts.

If you find a new place for deep water soloing, please send us an email so that we can add it to the list for others to enjoy.

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