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Competitive Windsurfing in the Philippines can trace its roots to Anilao, Batangas, and the water of Balayan Bay. It was here, in the 1970s that the seeds of the Philippine Windsurfing Team were planted, took root and have flourished.

For windsurfing, during the amihan (northeast monsoon) period, the breeze funnels though a saddle to the East of Anilao and then fans out across Balayan Bay. What this means for windsurfers is that, if the gradient breeze is ten knots then Anilao will receive up to 18 knots on the water. The beauty of the location is that you can place yourself strategically within the fan and enjoy the wind conditions that you feel comfortable with; and, you can progress to faster wind speed locations as your confidence and experience grow. For this reason it is a perfect location for learning to windsurf and for skills development.

The Philippine Windsurfing Association holds competitions every year at Anilao. There are also regular competitive windsurfing events held in Boracay and Caliraya Lake. On other occasions you will find windsurfing competition at Pagudpud, Subic Bay, Puerto Galera and Taal Lake.

In the 21st century you will find windsurfers on the water in most popular beach resort locations and also on Caliraya Lake and Taal Lake.

The closest windsurfing location to Metro Manila is found at Taal Lake, although renting windsurfing equipment here is not so easy. The next closest windsurfing locations are at Caliraya Lake and Anilao.

If you want to learn to windsurf then there are good training establishments at: Anilao, Puerto Galera and Boracay. Instructors and windsurfing equipment can be found at these three locations almost year-round.

The Best Windsurfing In The Philippines

Windsurfing around the Philippines is always possible, no matter the time of year or location, but for real windsurfing enthusiasts there are some places that are superior to others and some that are simply extreme.

Pagudpud & Santa Ana

Extreme Pagudpud and Santa Ana, both located along the North coast of the main island of Luzon, offer extreme windsurfing throughout most of the year, with strong, steady breezes and, frequently, big waves to launch off. It is easy to rent windsurfing equipment at Pagudpud but more challenging to rent at Santa Ana.

Anilao (Batangas)

As stated above, the geography of Anilao lends itself to the sport of windsurfing and offers good sport to windsurfers with all levels of experience. Windsurfing in Anilao is very good during the northeast monsoon – November to May. Unless there is a competition in progress you will find only a hand full of windsurfers in Anilao.

Puerto Galera (Mindoro)

Puerto Galera offers good windsurfing opportunities for all levels of experience during the northeast monsoon period. Unless there is a competition in progress Puerto Galera is never crowded with windsurfers.

Boracay (Aklan)

Boracay is one of the best locations for windsurfing during the northeast monsoon. Because Boracay offers good windsurfing, and because it is also one of the most popular beach resort destinations in Asia, the water can become quite crowded with windsurfers during the peak holiday season around Easter.

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Renting Windsurfing Equipment In The Philippines

Renting windsurfing equipment in the Philippines is relatively easy at most beach resorts and hotels that have a water sports focus. Rental fees for windsurfing equipment vary but are typically US$10-20 per half-day.

For windsurfing beginners there are instructors at most of the locations mentioned above. You will also find many beach resorts that have water sports staff who is a windsurfing enthusiasts, who will offer basic lessons.

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