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Golf in Puerto Galera was the dream of one man (Tony Taylor) who owned a piece of hillside with the most spectacular views across the Verde Island Passage, at an altitude of some 300 meters. Like similar golf courses in North America and Europe, the construction of the golf course was financed by the sale of adjacent lots for residential housing. Ever since, golfers from around the World have visited the Ponderosa Golf Club to play one of the most challenging 9-hole courses anywhere on the planet.

Golfing Locations Around Puerto Galera

There is only one golf course in Puerto Galera: at the Ponserosa Golf Club. The golf course is set amongst the Mindoro's rainforested slopes above Puerto Galera, with commanding views across the Verde Island Passage to Batangas. From the club house you an see the Puerto Galera coastline from Talipanan Beach and White Beach area Eastwards to the peninsular beaches of Lalaguna and Sabang.

The golf course features 9-holes set into the hillside, with many of the greens invisible from the tees. If you need some challenges for your short-game then the Ponderosa golf course in Puerto Galera is guaranteed to supply.

The Ponderosa Golf Club is accessed by road and most hotels & resorts will provide transport. Alternatively, you can engage a tricycle or motorcycle driver to take you there for a few hundred Pesos.

A miniture-golf course is available for a fun afternoon for all the family, located beside the Puerto Galera Yacht Club, just to the East of Puerto Galera town.

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Rent Golfing Equipment In Puerto Galera

You can rent a suitable set of golf clubs at the Ponderosa Golf Club and you can engage a caddie and ball boys to find your errant balls in the rainforest. The golf equipment is high quality although it has been used well over the years.

There are no major tournaments that take place at the Ponderosa Golf Club in Puerto Galera but on any given weekend there may be an informal golf tournament, if there are enough interested players.

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