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Class 3 Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing Destination

The history if kiteboarding in Puerto Galera is short. In 2005 a couple of Europeans came with their kites and experimented with the breezes off Boquete Beach and a few other beaches, and they fell in love with Puerto Galera. Especially they enjoyed the northeast monsoon breezes. Almost every year since, they and others have returned to Puerto Galera.

Kiteboarding Locations Around Puerto Galera

The most popular place for kiteboarding in Puerto Galera is along Boquete Beach, where you can launch off the sandbar and enjoy almost flat water across Puerto Galera Bay. However, if you are learning to kiteboard, the instructors at Boquete Beach will take you first to Calapan (about an hour's drive East) where the weather conditions during the amihan season (November to May) are far more appropriate for learning how to Kiteboard quickly and in safety.

For something a little more extreme, you may take off from White Beach, where the wave action frequently gives you the ability to sky easily and entertain the hundreds (sometimes thousands) who frequent this beach during the amihan season.

If you are up for the real kiteboarding challenge then you can launch in Batangas and kite the 15 nautical miles to Puerto Galera. Awesome breeze, with wave action! But don't try this alone . . .

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Rent Kiteboarding Equipment In Puerto Galera

Renting kiteboarding equipment around Puerto Galera is currently not an option, you should plan to bring your own kiteboarding equipment.

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