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Class 1 Sailing Destination

Sailing in Puerto Galera has a history that goes back more than 1,000 years. Its inner bays have offered shelter from typhoons to commercial and pleasure vessels since long before the arrival of the Spanish colonialists. Malay and Chinese traders would stop by to do business with the indigenous peoples, and exchange their fabrics and porcelain for forest products and, most importantly, the gold that is harvested from the rivers and streams in the mountainous interior of Mindoro.

Sailing Facilities

Puerto Galera has always been a frequent anchorage for cruising yachts. In 1991, a small group of visiting yachtsmen decided to stay in this most beautiful bay in the World and founded the Puerto Galera Yacht Club. The yacht club organizes five sailing regattas every year (during the holiday weekends nearest Easter, Halloween, New Year, Chinese New Year and Midsummer). The yacht club maintains a fleet of twenty sailing dinghies for hire and offers them for off-the-beach fun racing and sailing courses.

Philippine Sailing Courses

If you want to learn to sail then Puerto Galera is arguably the best place in the Philippines. The Puerto Galera Yacht Club also offers free sail training lessons to all Puerto Galera school children; through this charitable effort the yacht club has already trained hundreds of children and from these sailing graduates two national sailing champions have represent the Philippines at international sailing events. Sailing courses are offered on an ad-hoc basis and can be tailored to individual needs, e.g. many corporations use the sport of sailing as the core of team building activities and many schools/colleges come to Puerto Galera during school vacations to so that students can earn to sail, while parents enjoy the other Puerto Galera attractions.

Competitive Sailing Regattas

All Souls Regatta

The 3-day Philippine All Souls Regatta, that takes place during the holiday weekend nearest to Halloween, is the largest sailing event in the Philippines. Attracting around thirty sailing yachts the event is the first event of the recognized racing season each year. To make the event even most exciting, other yacht clubs frequently arrange for feeder-races to Puerto Galera so most of the top racers usually attend. Sailors visiting Puerto galera on vacation, who do not have their own yachts available, volunteer to race aboard the participating yachts. Non-sailors are invited to hop aboard the many cruising yachts that participate. A few members' yacht are available for yacht charter for the event and there are Hobie catamarans available for hire. The All Souls Regatta is the most fun regatta in Asia at Halloween.

Easter Regatta

The 3-day Puerto Galera Easter Regatta has been held every year since the yacht club was formed in 1991 and attracts yachts from all around the Philippines and returning world cruisers. The sailing breeze at Easter is fantastic across the Verde Island Passage making the racing fun and very competitive. Visiting cruising yachts are always involved in this event as it marks the peak of the cruising season through the Philippines.

New Year Regatta

The 3-day Puerto Galera New Year Regatta is primarily for club members and acts as prelude to the yacht club's Annual General Meeting, held every 31st of December. However, visiting yachts are encouraged to join in the sailing fun and most usually do.

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Sailing Boats For Charter & Rental

At all times of the year sailors with some experience can rent a dinghy, a yacht or a Hobie catamaran in Puerto Galera. Yacht charter is also available in Puerto Galera with yacht club members and visitors offering their yachts for rent.

Puerto Galera is one of the best places in Asia to learn to sail - full facilities, safe and with good breezes most of the year. If you want to learn to sail then you should contact the Puerto Galera Yacht Club directly.

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