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Class 1 Scuba Diving Destination

In the mid 1970s Puerto Galera became a recognized destination for adventurous scuba divers but the discovery of the remains of a Chinese trading ship, now known as the “dragon jar wreck”, captured the imagination and, by the mid 1980s Puerto Galera became a “must visit” Philippine scuba diving destination.

By the 1990s the marine life and marine ecosystems around Puerto Galera had become the subject of in depth academic study, not just for the twenty or so nearby dive sites but also because of its position along the shores of the Verde Island Passage. The Smithsonian Institute has described the Verde Island Passage as the “global center of the center of marine biodiversity”; Puerto Galera is in the center of the Verde Island Passage.

Puerto Galera dive sites number around 45, give or take, depending on the which dive shop you talk to. The dive sites range in depth from 3 meters to 80 meters. Some dive sites are in sheltered wasters while many offer drift diving opportunities.

Close to Puerto Galera the most exciting dive site is The Canyons (30 metres), off Escarceo Point. While The Washing Machine (15 metres), along the shores of nearby Verde Island, is considered to be one of the most thrilling dives.

Diving by day or diving at night, Puerto Galera offers more excitement and more rewarding underwater photography opportunities than almost any other scuba diving location close to Metro Manila.

Scuba Diving Options In Puerto Galera

Whatever your level of scuba diving experience, Puerto Galera offers a wide choice of dive shops that can provide you with knowledgeable guides & instructors, and the first class scuba gear required for your underwater adventure. Whether you are an 8-year old taking a Bubblemaker course, an Open Water Diver or a Commercial Diver who needs to advance to re-breathers and more exotic gas mixtures, Puerto Galera has the technologically competent staff and resources to satisfy your needs.

Many dive shops offer unlimited dive packages, with big savings for long diving vacations.

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Rent Scuba Diving Equipment In Puerto Galera

Renting scuba gear is possible at almost all of Puerto Galera's dive shops. Most dive shops offer only the very latest equipment and about the only thing you may need to bring is a camera . . . although, you also rent a cameraman to capture any moment in glorious pixels.

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