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Class 1 Snorkeling Destination

Snorkeling in Puerto Galera has been a pastime since before scuba diving arrived here in the late 1970s. Many have decided to take scuba diving lessons in Puerto Galera as a result of snorkeling over the spectacular corals of Puerto Galera and then yearned to go deeper.

Once marine protected areas were enforced in the 1990s the corals responded and the marine life bred in brilliant abundance. A few years ago, a rare but vicious typhoon passed over the top of Puerto Galera and damaged many prime snorkeling areas but, with deliberate conservation efforts, these areas have largely rebounded and are almost restored to their former glory.

Snorkeling Locations Around Puerto Galera

About the only places that are not good for snorkeling are the areas: in front of White Beach (too much boat traffic and the reef is damaged); Sabang Beach (too much boat traffic and poor water quality) and, East from Puerto Galera town (sandy bottom, little coral). Here are some of the must-snorkel sites.

Coral Garden, Long Beach

The coral garden off Long Beach was once the very best snorkeling area but was the worst affected by the vicious typhoon; it is the last location to be reopened to snorkelers. The coral is slowly recovering and it is likely that this area will be reopened for snorkeling within 2015.

Manila Passage

The reefs along the Manila Passage, South of Medio Island, offer by far the most interesting alternative to Long Beach in terms of variety of coral, fish and other marine organisms that can be seen while snorkeling. Here you also have the option of a snorkel-tow from a fishing boat . . . a good alternative if you are not a keen swimmer.

Giant Clams

The giant clams of Puerto galera have become a major snorkeling attraction during the past few years. Drifting over these gaping bivalves, while surrounded by curious, colorful damsel fish, is a unique experience. If you have not seen giant clams before then this is a snorkeling must.

Big Lalaguna Beach

Snorkeling off Big Lalaguna Beach and around the headland, West to Coco Beach, there is a wide variety of marine life to see and to photograph. One of the sensible things about Big Lalaguna and Coco beaches is that they have roped-off areas to separate snorkelers from arriving/departing boats.

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Renting Snorkeling Equipment In Puerto Galera

You can rent a snorkeling equipment from any dive shop and from most non-diving resorts & hotels. If your resort or hotel does not rent snorkeling gear then don't panic, there are many places along every beach where you can rent snorkeling gear for US$5 to US$10 per day. Or you can buy snorkeling gear and any one of the scores of dive shops between Big Lalaguna and Sabang beaches.

A snorkeling guides are more of a challenge but the dive shops will usually help out if you are prepared to pay the dive-guide rates. Alternatively, chat to one of the fishermen along the beaches and they will surely help you discover snorkeling Puerto Galera.

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