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Sport Fishing should be a larger sport in Puerto Galera. The Verde Island Passage on the shores of which Puerto Galera is located, is one of the richest marine highways for pelagic fish in the Philippines. However, it is only recently that sport fishing has become popular.

The two main reasons for the slow growth of sport fishing in Puerto Galera are that too many resorts have been too fat and happy with selling scuba diving vacations and the best fishing areas are out West and out East, beyond Puerto Galera's beautiful beaches.

Sport Fishing Locations Around Puerto Galera

A couple of miles West of Puerto Galera there is a sea mount at about ten meters deep that is used by passing tuna and other pelagics as a rest stop with snacks. Sport fishing here can be rewarding most especially in the northeast monsoon, although year round there are Spanish Mackerel and skip-jack tuna to be caught. From June to December you have the chance to catch two of the most edible fish in the sea: dorado (mahi-mahi) and the talakitok (bigeye trevally).

Near the West entrance to the Verde Island Passage (about 25 miles West of Puerto Galera) blue marlin are frequent catches for sport fishermen, as are Spanish Mackerel and wahoo.

At the East entrance to the Verde Island Passage, North of Calapan City, a wide variety of pelagics and bottom feeders, such as red snapper and grouper, can be caught for lunch or dinner. This is also a good location for hooking into dorado (mahi mahi) and skip-jack tuna.

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Rent Sport Fishing Equipment In Puerto Galera

Sport Fishing tackle and gear rental on Puerto Galera is limited, with only a handful of beach resorts offering fishing gear for hire. If you want to go sport fishing in Puerto Galera the best advice is to check the "Activity Providers" section above or, in advance of travel, aks your chosen resort if they can provide, otherwise bring your own fishing tackle and be prepared to negotiate for a sport fishing boat.

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