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Wakeboarding around Puerto Galera has been possible for many years. The style of wakeboarding in Puerto Galera is traditional, i.e. being pulled behind a speed boat in the manner of water skiing.

Wakeboarding Locations Around Puerto Galera

The most popular place for wakeboarding is within Puerto Galera's inner bay area where the water is flat for almost all the year and even when it is rough the waves are only a foot high.

During the northeast monsoon season, from October to May, wakeboarders can find fun, and a few rises off waves, along the entire coast from Puerto Galera Bay to White Beach. During the southwest monsoon the area off Encenada Beach is also perfectly flat for wakeboarding.

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Rent Wakeboarding Equipment In Puerto Galera

Wakeboarding equipment rental on Puerto Galera is limited, with only a handful of beach resorts offering equipment for hire . . . the sandbar area is where you can most easily rent wakeboarding equipment. However, there are many boats for rent, so if you bring your own board and tow, wakeboarding can be enjoyed throughout the year and along much of Puerto Galera's shoreline.

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