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Windsurfing has been an active sport for almost two decades off Boquete Beach inside Puerto Galera Bay. The sport was introduced through the personal passion of the late Carmelo Garcia as he progressively developed the Boquete Beach sandbar, first into a beach resort for his windsurfing friends and then into a windsurfing school. Eventually, the sandbar became the regular second-leg venue on the Philippine National Windsurfing Championship circuit.

Windsurfing Locations Around Puerto Galera

Windsurfing off the sandbar is perfect for speed trials as the water is generally flat, being sheltered from the waves by the hills surrounding Puerto Galera Bay. Apart from at the sandbar, windsurfing in Puerto Galera is generally not so popular because elsewhere the breezes tend to be along-shore as opposed to, more desirable, on-shore breezes. Wind speeds at the sandbar can exceed 20knts at times, although generally the wind speeds are consistent during the daytime at between 10 and 15 knots.

Every year, around the middle of February, Puerto Galera Bay and the Boquete Beach sandbar are full of windsurfing enthusiasts. They come from around the World to participate in the annual windsurfing competition that coincides with the second leg of the Philippine National Windsurfing Championship. Occasionally, impromptu windsurfing races are held across the Verde Island Passage, when enough courageous enthusiasts chance to challenge the persistent breezes and waves that are a feature of the seven miles of water separating Puerto Galera from Chicken Feather Island, at the mouth of Batangas Bay to the North.

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Rent Windsurfing Equipment In Puerto Galera

You can rent quality windsurfing equipment from the Puerto Galera windsurfing school, at the sandbar, and from a few water sports oriented beach resorts.

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