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Class 2 Philippine Surfing Destination

Surfing off Pundaquit has been popular since the 1980s. Foreign visitors and residents of nearby Subic Bay discovered that the days following the passage of a tropical storm produced some excellent surfing conditions all along Pundaquit Beach. Comparable to surfing San Juan, La Union, farther North, surfing Pundaquit sometimes far exceeds expectations.

The best surfing will be found at Pundaquit Beach during the period of May through October each year and especially in the period immediately after the passage of a tropical storm. In the days following the passage of a typhoon, Pundaquit Beach is popular with resident surfers so it a good place to hang out and discover new places to explore surfing Philippines.

Surfing Locations Around Pundaquit

Along Pundaquit Beach the surfing can be exciting at any time of year following a tropical storm, but when there are no storms in the vicinity beginners will find the waves are good for learning between the months of May and October. Residents who do not own surfboards will frequently be seen body-surfing although skimboarding is now becoming more popular.

Near the South end of Pundaquit Beach is area known locally as “Coconut Island”. Not actually an island but, as you have to hike across a river to get there and at the far side is a steep-sided headland that would be a challenge to climb, it is isolated like an island. When surf's up, the breaks off Coconut Island offer good left-handers over a mostly sandy bottom. Coconut Island has the only area of white sand along the whole of Pundaquit Beach, offering some excellent photography.

Best advice: if you are planning to go to Pundaquit for surfing then choose a beach resort closer to the South end of the beach.

The beauty of planning to surf Pundaquit Beach is that, if the wind and waves do not give you good surfing conditions on any given day then you can always enjoy paddling out to Capones Island or taking time out to chase waterfalls.

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Surfing Equipment Rental In Pundaquit

Renting surfing equipment (surfboards) along Pundaquit Beach presents a bit of a challenge. Whilst many beach resorts have a board or two for rent, the condition of the boards may not be what you are used to. Best advice: bring your own surfboards if you can.

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