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Class 1 Philippine Freediving Destination

Freediving around Romblon Island offers many opportunities for Personal Best depth performances. While much of the northwest and northeast coast is relatively shallow (around 60 metres maximum) the areas to the southwest are not only easily accessible but descend to 200 metres within a half-mile from shore.

It is no surprise that freediving is a growing sport in Romblon. Possibly its only barrier to becoming more widely visited for Freediving is that challenge of getting to the Romblon Island. If you read More Info About Romblon you will see that getting here can mean an overnight ferry journey or an interrupted air and ferry adventure. However, if freediving is in your blood then Romblon offers opportunity in a relaxed and most provincial environment . . . perfect for meditating your next Personal Best dive.

Freediving Locations Around Romblon

The best freediving location around Romblon Island is probably in the waters off Marble Beach, San Pedro Point. Located about half way down the West coast of Romblon Island, Marble Beach at San Pedro Point is surrounded by Marine Protected Areas, which can add visual value to freediving experiences, and is also closest to the deepest part of the strait that separates Romblon Island from its larger neighbor: Tablas Island.

Marble beach, San Pedro Point, is also only about 10 nautical miles by boat from the famed Tablas Blue Hole, located at the extreme northeast of Tablas Island.

Farther North is the area off Bangud Island, equally close to deep water (250 metres depth about half a mile away) but also offering a rather splendid ashore adventure across the sandbar between Bangud Island and Bon Bon Beach - superb for beach barbecues!

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Rent Freediving Equipment In Romblon

Renting freediving equipment in Romblon is relatively easy as there is at least one freediving school that specializes in the sport and where equipment is readily available for hours of freediving in the nearby water.

If you are interested to learn freediving then Romblon offers that too, with at least one freediving school, where safety and enjoyment are offered hand in hand.

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