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Kayaking has been a sport available around Romblon Island for a few years but for some inexplicable reason kayaking has not taken off with tourists, unlike sailing and scuba diving. There are even innovative designers of crossbreed surf/kayaks who build them right here on Romblon Island.

Perhaps the main reason for the lack of uptake of kayaking as a viable water sport in Romblon derives from the fact that at the moment there are very few beach resorts around Romblon Island . . . there are plenty of inns and small hotels but few places to stay actually on the beach.

Kayaking Locations Around Romblon

Romblon is perfect for kayaking adventures because there is so much variety within every kilometer and there are (relatively) so few people, once you get out of Romblon town.

Romblon Island itself is small enough to paddle around in a couple of days of beach hopping - take a tent. The small islands and islets around the North and West coast, close to the Romblon town, offer white beaches where almost nobody ever goes, and all within an hour or two of paddling of each other.

If I was a kayaking enthusiast then I would want to kayak Romblon for the fun of it. Kayaking is a year-round sport around Romblon.

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Rent Kayaking Equipment In Romblon

Renting Kayaks in Romblon is possible at only a couple of beach resorts, near Romblon town. Also, try out the surf/kayaks for a new experience that may get you going faster when the swells are favorable outside the ring of islands.

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