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Class 2 River Trekking Destination

River Trekking has been available around Romblon Island for a few years and what is really encouraging about the development of this tourist sport is that the rivers have been left largely untouched by the trails that have been defined. Unlike in many places where river trekking is developed as a tourist sport, where the river banks are concreted and trees removed to make passage easier and "safer", here in Romblon the minimum disturbance to Mother Nature's work is apparent, requiring the maximum attention to and appreciation of her craft.

Long may it be that river trekking development in Romblon favors those who appreciate the seduction of the rain forest, complete with obstacles & challenges, and the occasional surprise.

River Trekking Locations Around Romblon

There are four well known river trekking destination around Romblon Island and all are within an hour's drive of Romblon town.

Ironically, the closest river trek to Romblon town is also the least traveled. Iniquit Falls are just 15 minutes by car from the town center and the falls have their own intriguing history to tell, if you ask the trekking guides. Other river trekking destination where guides are available are: the Quipot River Channel; Ginuaan Falls; and, the historic Tinuhog River Channel.

If I was a River Trekking enthusiast then I would want to check out Romblon for the folklore as much as for the fun of it. River Trekking can be a year-round sport around Romblon.

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Rent River Trekking Equipment In Romblon

Renting river trekking equipment and hiring trekking guides in Romblon is relatively easy and the Romblon town Municipal Hall will help if your resort or hotel does not have someone available.

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