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Sailing in Romblon has a rich history dating back before the Spanish arrival in the 1500s. The main harbor at Romblon town, on the northwest corner of Romblon Island, is a natural deep water port & typhoon shelter, and has been a haven for sailing ships from China, Arabia and South Asia for 1,000 years or more. However, the sport of sailing has only caught on in recent years and the Romblon Yacht Club was only formed in 2012. Prior to that time, sailing as a sport was offered (in the form of beach catamarans and dinghies) by a couple of water sports resorts.

Off Romblon town there are a handful of moorings available for visiting boats and a recognized anchorage is located just North of the town center. The yacht club plans to offer sailing lessons in dinghies and beach catamarans, and to encourage visitors with larger yachts to train interested people how to navigate and safely sail ocean-going yachts.

Romblon has a reputation for innovation in many things. In boat building, Romblon is home to a few foreign boat builders who have designed and built sailing yachts using innovative design and materials.

Sailing Locations Around Romblon

Sailing to the nearby islands is a popular weekend activity and in partnership with other yacht clubs, e.g. Puerto Galera Yacht Club, regular sailing events will be happening.

Romblon harbor and its immediate environs is large enough to offer superb day-sailing in small boats. One of the challenges with sailing beyond Romblon harbor is that many areas are marine sanctuaries, where anchoring is forbidden, so most people with larger ambitions use Romblon as a base to explore the nearby islands of Tablas and Sibuyan.

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Rent Sailing Equipment In Romblon

Renting a sailing yacht in Romblon is easy if you are looking for a dinghy or a beach catamaran or if you are looking for sailing lessons. There are Hobie, Top Cat and similar craft available at the Romblon water sports center and at a few beach resorts around Romblon Island. If you want to charter a larger yacht then you will you usually have to search the Internet and have a yacht delivered for the purpose . . . but this will probably change soon as the yacht club becomes more popular.

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