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Class 1 Scuba Diving Destination

Scuba diving in Romblon is one of the new water sports for the island, primarily because the island is hard to get to compared to other famous locations in the near vicinity, such as Puerto Galera and Boracay. The first full-service, scuba diving dive shop opened for business just four years ago and since that time they have discovered a selection of wrecks from the Spanish galleon era and also from World War II. Many of the steel wrecks (World War II vintage) have been partially salvaged but there are still many artifacts to be recovered and documented. One of the big surprises in the waters around Romblon is the ever growing list of endangered and endemic marine life that is resident in the area. Everyone we have spoken to enthuses the opportunities for genuine scuba diving exploration that exist in and around Romblon Island with discovery of new aquatic species of coral and marine organisms being a real possibility.

Scuba Diving Locations Around Romblon

The primary scuba diving areas, with recognized dive sites, are mostly within 30 minutes boat ride of one of the main scuba diving dive resorts located near Romblon town. There are more than 30 noted dive sites within easy reach of Romblon town, some within marine sanctuaries but most are in un-managed areas (which is why most of the wrecks are partially salvaged). It is possible to see everything from nudibranches to shoals of tuna when diving Romblon.

Blue-Hole @ San Augustine

The Philippines’ famous blue-hole at San Augustine measures around 26 metres deep and about ten meters around. The blue hole offers spectacle and frequent encounters with a variety of sharks and rays. Although the San Augustine blue-hole is actually off the northeast coast of the neighboring island of Tablas, as Tablas scuba dive shops are focused in the South and West of Tablas Island, the majority of people who want to dive the Philippines’ only recognized blue-hole do so from one of the scuba dive shops on Romblon Island.

Wreck Diving

Wreck diving around Romblon must include the World War II wrecks of Japanese boats, mostly sunk in the Battle of the Sibuyan Sea, dotted around the islands of Romblon and recreational scuba divers have found munitions and other small items of interest to bring ashore for analysis. At least two wooden, Spanish-era ships have been discovered laying near anchors, inviting further exploration . . . Romblon was a significant port during Spanish times because it is a natural typhoon shelter.

If you are an inquisitive scuba diver then Romblon offers huge potential for exploration as well as offering up some of the World's rarest marine creatures at established dive sites. The superb clarity of Romblon's water, year-round, means that every diving experience will be rewarding, whether or not you have your camera to hand. You will never waste a diving day due to poor visibility around Romblon.

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Renting Scuba Gear In Romblon

Renting scuba gear in Romblon is relatively easy. There are currently three full service dive shops within a few kilometers of Romblon town. The longest established is the 3-Ps dive shop, which also houses an interesting selection of recovered artifacts from some of the wrecks. PADI certified Divemasters and Instructors are available if you want to learn to dive in Romblon. Although there are incentives for technical diving on selected deep wrecks around Romblon, most scuba divers have too much fun at recreational depths to venture farther.

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