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Class 2 Snorkeling Destination

Snorkeling has not really taken off yet in Romblon. This is not because Romblon has no snorkeling areas - it has many - it is just that the average visitor is more likely to visit Romblon for the scuba diving, sailing and kayaking, or to explore Romblon’s numerous marble factories and shops.

Snorkeling should be a popular sport in Romblon because there are many marine protected areas and there are many reef areas suitable for the rare opportunity to drift-snorkel. Drift-snorkeling is like drift-diving - you enter the water, lay flat, with your head facing the coral and simply drift over the carpets of coral formations, while taking snapshots of the marine life with your waterproof camera.

Snorkeling Locations Around Romblon

All around Romblon, with its small reef-lined islands and islets, snorkeling is a rewarding experience. For example, just off Alad Island there were a wide selection of soft and hard coral species, including the fragile, table top corals even within a few score meters of the bustling fishing community; large clams and spectacularly colored, small and medium size reef fish are also in abundance.

Here are a few other places of note for snorkeling Romblon:

Bon Bon Beach

To the North of Bon Bon Beach the coral reef is especially famous with snorkelers for macro photography. There are nudibranches here that are virtually unique in all the World - the only other place they are found is in Japan. The corals are abundant although not as bright as in some other areas, because of the marine traffic that passes nearby and the fine sediments that this stirs up.

Lugbung (Logbon) Island

The area around the northeast of Lugbung Island (sometimes Logbon Island) is superior to Bon Bon Beach in terms of visibility, brightness of corals and larger fish. Shoals of bait fish and their predators can be observed here while snorkeling. Relatively undisturbed, snorkeling Lugbung can be a very rewarding experience that may entice you to become a scuba diver.

Cobrador Island

Snorkeling the West coast of Cobrador Island brings you over large areas of relatively pristine corals. Both hard and soft corals may be observed here, while snorkeling in waters of 3-10 metres depth. Fish are abundant over Cobrador’s reefs and present quite a spectacle.

If I was a Snorkeling enthusiast then Romblon would be on my Philippine snorkeling list for many reasons, especially for the experience of drift-snorkeling.

Romblon is also the ferry port that will get you to Banton Island, to the North. Banton Island offers some of the best snorkeling in the Romblon island group, especially in the marine sanctuary to the North of Mainit Bay.

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Rent Snorkeling Equipment In Romblon

Finding Snorkeling equipment and hiring snorkeling guides in Romblon is not so easy. There are only a handful of resorts and hotels that can assist you but those that can are very enthusiastic and the prices are very fair when matched against the experience gained.

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