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Class 1 Philippine Scuba Diving Destination

Scuba Diving around Samal Island offers the rare combination of explored dive sites and the chance to discover new ones, and name them for posterity. There are reefs all around Samal Island, many of them parts of Marine Protected Areas, and there are islands too . . . even a semi-submerged islet that is almost underwater during the highest tides.

Samal Island is located on the West shore of the Davao Gulf - a huge body of water that has a circulating current and direct access to the Pacific Ocean to the southeast. As a result, the Davao Gulf waters are flushed daily and many specie of pelagic fish find refuge and forage within its bounds, as do turtles and occasionally a whale shark or two.

If there is irony here it is that almost all the dive shops that provide service to scuba divers around Samal Island are actually based in Davao City, less than ten minutes away by boat. These dive shops are contracted by the various beach resorts on Samal Island to provide service equipment and other resources.

Scuba Diving Locations Around Samal

Scuba Diving locations around Samal Island are many. The most accessible and most explored dive sites are those along the reefs off beaches that face Davao City, but for the most part these are basic and not really interesting. The exception is the reef around the Disappearing Island, which is found about a third of the way from Samal Island and Davao City.

Northeast of Samal Island are two smaller islands: Small Liguid Island (Buenavista) and Big Liguid Island. The islands are private but the waters are public, and because they lay about a hour's boat ride from Davao City, they are relatively unexplored. The same is true of the whole East coast of Samal Island. Virgin scuba diving territory, just waiting for the explorer scuba diver to arrive and document.

Finally there is Talikud Island, to the southwest of Samal Island, which presents itself as an adventure island but has not yet explored all of the possible underwater adventures and scuba diving sites within Talikud Island's waters.

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Rent Scuba Diving Equipment In Samal

Renting Scuba Diving equipment in Samal Island is a bit if a challenge. Most beach resorts will contract dive shops from Davao City to provide equipment and divemasters. Diving guides are available on Samal Island and increasingly, dive shop operators are establishing out-stations on Samal, from Davao. So it is getting easier . . . best advice is to check in advance if you are planning a scuba diving expedition while staying on Samal Island.

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