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Class 2 Philippine Surfing Destination

Urbitztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union, is a good location for surfing in the Philippines. It is considered to be the best surfing destination that is easily accessible by public transport from Metro Manila although, if you are arriving in the Philippines at Angeles City / Clark DMIA airport then surfing San Juan is about as accessible as surfing Pundaquit Beach, Zambales. Urbitztondo Beach has been the surfing capitol of the North for more than a decade. Especially, surfing Urbitztondo Beach is good from November through March and from July through September.

If surfing is your passion then get your friends to bring their cameras so that you can share images of yourself in action on the Internet.

Surfing Opportunities In San Juan

Urbitztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union, offers good surfing or beginners and intermediate surfers and, when there is a storm brewing over the West Philippine Sea or the South China Sea, the avid surfers from Manila hop aboard a Friday night bus and spend the weekend surfing the breaks. Monaliza Point is the favored location for longboards but in reality the whole beach is exciting when the surf is up.

Surfing competitions are usually held on Urbitztondo Beach in February and March each year. During surfing competitions you will find international surfers joining local surfers for some excellent sport and the opportunity to win some handsome cash prizes.

If you are thinking about learning to surf or if you are looking for an easily accessible surfing vacation then Urbitztondo Beach, San Juan, may offer just the break you need.

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Surfing Equipment Rental Around San Juan

Renting Surfing equipment in San Juan is easy. There are a bunch of surf schools and surf shops along Urbitztondo Beach. There are plenty of surf shops with instructors and coaches to help you learn or improve your style and technique here in San Juan.

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