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Class 2 Dolphin Watching Destination

Dolphin Watching has been a pass-time in Santa Ana for as long as Man has inhabited this part of the Philippines. Along the beaches of Santa Ana on any given day you may spy spinner dolphins or bottlenose dolphins playing, out near the horizon and sometimes coming close to shore. To get up front with the dolphins you need to get on the water.

Bottlenose dolphins usually arrange themselves in pods of between 10 and 25 animals but on occasions (nobody is really sure what the signal is) many pods will choose to come together in a group of a hundred or even more. Bottlenose dolphins are confident enough of their supremacy in the water to be distracted by boats in their vicinity, and they may come alongside and play for a short while.

Spinner dolphins are smaller than bottlenose dolphins and apparently not so bold. They are more likely to perform acrobatic spins and leaps a little distance from your boat.

Dolphin Watching Locations Around Santa Ana

Dolphin Watching around Santa Ana is most accessible off the western beaches. Beach resorts in Centro and San Vicente are the best places to start your dolphin watching experience in Santa Ana.

As both bottlenose dolphins and spinner dolphins are generally most active early in the morning while feeding, you should think about an early start to the day and take your breakfast with you. And don't forget your camera!

Dolphin watching trips will typically take you out past Palaui Island and then take in a large sweep of the Babuyan Channel before returning to the beach resort you started from.

Dolphin species recorded in the Philippines include: spinner dolphins, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin, common bottlenose dolphin, pantropical spotted dolphin, striped dolphin, rough-toothed dolphin, Fraser's dolphin, Risso's dolphin and the Irrawaddy Dolphin.

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Rent Dolphin Watching Equipment In Santa Ana

Renting Dolphin Watching boats in Santa Ana is relatively easy. Some of the resorts offer dolphin watching boats for guests only, while some are happy to rent to anyone. If there are no boats at your resort, you may also go to the San Vicente fish port and negotiate with the local fishermen for a tour.

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