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Class 2 Philippine Snorkeling Destination

Snorkeling around Santa Ana can be an enlightening experience and another good reason to travel to the northeastern extremity of the Philippines. Of particular note in Santa Ana are the Marine Protected Areas around Palaui Island and the reefs along the Eastern seaboard.

The protection of Palaui Island has allowed it to remain the first safe stopover for birds migrating from Siberia during the Fall months, especially birds of prey. Hawks and eagles may be seen soaring the updrafts along the island ridges and then swooping down to pluck their meals from the wave tops . . . you know the snorkeling will be good where the white bellied sea eagles stopover for lunch.

Depending on the time of year, the best snorkeling in Santa Ana will be on either the East or the West coast, hardly ever on both at the same time.

Snorkeling Locations Around Santa Ana

Palaui Island has been a Nature Reserve since 1994 and the waters around the island have been Marine Protected Areas for as long. Add to this the surge of the Pacific Ocean that curls around the North of Luzon Island at this point and you have some of the cleanest and most diverse marine habitats in the Philippines.

Palaui Island

Snorkeling Palaui Island, Santa Ana, starts with Engaño Cove, immediately to the West of Cape Engaño Lighthouse, the first lighthouse visible as you approach the Philippines from the northeast. The water here is shallow for much of the expanse of the cove and is rich in soft corals and marine organisms. Along the West coast of Palaui Island is Siwangag Cove, complete with a boat landing area. Slip into the water here at Siwangag Cove or enter from the beach, for a deeper snorkeling experience; or, remain in the shallows and perhaps capture the image of a Black Pacific Reef Egret spearing a fish for lunch.

Nangaramoan Beach

Nangaramoan Beach, on the East coast of Santa Ana has a barrier reef that is a must for snorkeling in the southwest monsoon season (June through September). The reef off Nangaramoan Beach faces the Pacific Ocean and when you enter the water there is little between you Hawaii. Nangaramoan Beach is located on the northern corner of the northeast corner of Santa Ana.

Anguib Beach

Also along the East coast is Anguib Beach. Prettier and a little more sheltered from the Pacific Ocean swells, Anguib Beach is virgin territory for snorkeling but I can imagine that in quite shallow water here there must be wrecks from centuries ago, from sailing ships that did not quite make it around Cape Engaño.

Other Snorkeling Places

After Anguib and Nangaramoan beaches go on to Pozo Robo Beach from where you can view the entire extent of the white sand beaches and the reef beyond Santa Ana and, on a clear day, beyond Cagayan to Isabela.

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Renting Boats For Snorkeling In Santa Ana

Renting snorkeling gear and or a boat to take you out to Palaui Island is relatively easy if youa re staying at one of Santa Ana's popular beach resorts. Snorkeling guides ay be more of a challenge because the sport is new to the area and knowledgeable local fishermen have not quite grasped the concept of tourism being a viable alternative income. This will change no doubt fairly quickly as Santa Ana joins the Philippine AllSports Map.

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