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At the same latitude in the Pacific Ocean as Hawaii, sport fishing in Santa Ana has been a significant sport here since just after World War II. The Philippine Game Fishing Foundation (PGFF) has promoted San Vicente, Santa Ana, as the sailfin capitol of the Philippines because of the large number of large sailfish and marlin caught here. Although sailfish and marlin are the main attraction, there are many other sport fishing opportunities available in Santa Ana, between San Vicente and the Babuyan Channel.

Sport Fishing Locations Around Santa Ana

The primary area for sport fishing around Santa Ana is in the Babuyan Channel, the area of water immediately North and West of San Vicente, Santa Ana. Here you can expect to regularly catch blue marlin, black marlin, sailfish and dorado (mahi mahi). Asian record and near World record fish have been caught in this area on a regular basis.

Although you can go bottom fishing for groper and snapper at almost any time of year, the best time of year to fish for sailfish and marlin is during the period of March through June, towards the end of the northeast monsoon season. This is also the time of year for the best weather around Santa Ana.

The PGFF organize fishing tournaments in San Vicente, Santa Ana, every year but they are not the most accommodating sports club unless you are already a member.

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Renting Sport Fishing Gear In Santa Ana

Renting sport fishing gear and equipment in Santa Ana is surprisingly difficult. You can always rent local fishing banka boats, from Santa Ana fishermen, and go out for a day of sport but the few, modern, Hawaii style fishing launches you may see here are privately owned and typically not for hire. A couple of Santa Ana Beach resorts will rent out a boat with very basic fishing gear. Best advice is to bring your own gear.

When there is not a fishing tournament ongoing, the PGFF will rent out local style fishing banka boats but they expect you to supply your own fishing gear. There is a business opportunity here for someone with a modern, well equipped, sport fishing launch to hire out to visitors with a passion for fishing.

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