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Class 2 Whale Watching Destination

The waters off Santa Ana are rich in marine life. The water is clean and bountiful here, where it surges from the Pacific Ocean into the West Philippine Sea and beyond into the South China Sea. Not surprisingly marine fishes and mammals use this route around the Philippine archipelago for their annual migrations.

Whale Watching Locations Around Santa Ana

During the early part of each year whales follow migration routes that a thousand generations may have used before, and pass Santa Ana into the Babuyan Channel, between Luzon and the Babuyan Islands. Especially during the months of February to April, numbers of hump back whales pass through the Babuyan Channel and can be observed breaching. Other whale species pass this same route throughout the year but the variety of species in the first quarter of the year is by far the most observable.

Capt Ahab followed information about the infamous Mody Dick as the whale was reported as it passed through the Babuyan Channel. Capt Ahab met Capt Boomer, of the whaling ship Samuel Enderby

in these waters where he requested information about Capt Boomer's recent sighting of Moby Dick. However, Capt Boomer was not drawn to say exactly where; instead, pressed for information by Capt Ahab, Capt Boomer questions, “he's best left alone; don't you think so, Captain?”. Frustrated, Capt Ahab turned North to Formosa before turning southeast, towards the equator.

Whale species recorded in the Philippines include: humpback whale, sperm whale, pygmy sperm whale, dwarf sperm whale, blue whale, pilot whales, false killer whales, pygmy killer whale, minke whale, sei whale, Bryde's whale, Omura's whale, fin whale, beaked whales and the melon-headed whale.

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Rent Whale Watching Equipment In Santa Ana

Renting Whale Watching boats in Santa Ana is relatively easy. A number of Santa Ana beach resorts have boats for rent and when these are all full, local fishermen will happily give up a day's fishing to take tourists on a photo-safari to watch the whales.

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