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Class 2 Philippine Windsurfing Destination

Windsurfing off Santa Ana, Cagayan, can be a year round sport although the best time of year to windsurf the waters around Santa Ana is during the northeast monsoon. During the Northeast monsoon you enjoy a combination of brisk winds and the choice of glassy / butter windsurfing or waveriding . . . it just depends on which side of the peninsular you choose.

Santa Ana is ideally situated for the sport of windsurfing. Being at the northeast extreme of Luzon Island it enjoys the first blast of the northeast monsoon breezes at the beginning of October every year and receives Pacific Ocean swells all the way from Hawaii, sometimes of monstrous dimension.

Windsurfing Locations Around Santa Ana

If you are looking for simply speed over glassy / buttery water then the beaches from San Vicente South towards Gonzaga (the closer to Gonzaga the more chop) are all viable options during the northeast monsoon. If there is a storm out over the Pacific Ocean (possible from June through November) then the northerly or westerly breezes that such a storm generates can make these beaches excellent waveriding locations.

The alternative is to go the eastern shores of Santa Ana, to Anguib Beach or Pozo Rubio Beaches. Here at Anguib and Pozo Rubio the Pacific Ocean swells approach the shore with pulsating rhythm, during the northeast monsoon the wind and waves combine to produce magnificent aquatic terrain for exciting waveriding. For some of the most dramatic windsurfing photography in the Philippines, visit Anguib and Pozo Rubio beaches during the northeast monsoon.

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Windsurfing Equipment Rental Around Santa Ana

Renting windsurfing equipment (sails and boards) around Santa Ana is not quite easy. Just a few beach resorts have windsurfing equipment for rent so our best advice is to make arrangements ahead of your visit to Santa Ana or, better still, bring your own sails and boards.

At the time of this post (2014) there were no windsurfing instructors resident in Santa Ana.

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