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Class 2 Sailing Destination

Sailing on Sarangani Bay should be a great sport - with miles of relatively sheltered (from the waves) water. The challenge is that the Bay is close to the equator, so the breezes are generally light except towards the middle of the Bay, where local micro-climate breezes can propel you along quite nicely.

Sailing Locations Around Sarangani

In Maasim, at least one resort hotel has invested in beach catamarans so that guests and visitors can try their hand at sailing Sarangani Bay. Other resorts will follow suit no doubt as they see the brightly colored sails out on the water.

The West side of Sarangani Bay is not likely to become a sailing centre because, generally, the water goes deep quickly off the shore and there are few sheltered places to anchor or provide moorings.

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Rent Sailing Equipment In Sarangani

Renting Sailing equipment (yachts, dinghies, beach catamarans) in West Sarangani is limited. At the time of writing we know of only one resort hotel in Maasim that has beach catamarans for rent.

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