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Kiteboarding is new as a sport in Siargao, which is a bit of surprise as we have been telling people about it for some years. Especially during the northeast monsoon, the West coast of Siargao receives steady kiteboarding breezes, uninterrupted in their passage across the northwest Pacific Ocean. Add to this the opportunity for experienced kiteboarders to launch of incoming rollers and you have the Siargao recipe for a kiteboarding vacation that will bring you back time and again for more.

The ‘discovery’ of Siargao by kiteboarders is largely due to the more frequent flights direct to the island, from Cebu making it inevitable that eventually someone with a keen interest in sport would establish a resort business that would make kiteboarding its focus.

Kiteboarding Locations Around Siargao

Kiteboarding around Siargao is most rewarding along in the East coast in the vicinity of Pesangan, between the town of General Luna and the famous Cloud 9 surf break, to the North.

Pesangan sits behind a barrier reef that provides shallow, almost flat water, perfect for beginners and kiteboarders lusting for speed. Experienced kiteboarders looking to launch off waves can venture beyond the reef, where waves of almost every size can be found at different places along the reef’s outer edge.

The extent of Pesangan easily surpasses the more established Philippine kiteboarding location of Bulabog Beach, Boracay. The protection offered by the height of the reef creates much smoother water inside, for beginners and speed-kiteboarders.

If there is another relevant comparison with Bulabod Beach, Boracay, it is that, at least for the foreseeable future, on any given day there are few lines to tangle with in Siargao.

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Rent Kiteboarding Equipment In Siargao

Renting Kiteboarding equipment in Siargao can be a bit of a challenge but there are at least two resorts (2015) that have quality kiteboarding equipment for rent and for sale.

For beginners, there are year-round resident kiteboarding instructors along the beach at Pesangan. So anyone can come and experience possibly the best kiteboarding destination anywhere in Asia.

As a general rule, Siargao overheads are relatively low so you can expect rental and instruction fees to be similarly modest. Typical kite rental fees are around US$40 for half a day (2015). Kiteboarding lessons are offered at around US$50 per hour.

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