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Class 2 Philippine Scuba Diving Destination

Scuba diving in Siargao is one of the new water sports for the island, primarily because, until 2007, the vast majority of the visitors to Siargao came only for the surfing and sought little else. The first full-service, scuba diving dive shop opened for business in General Luna - just a couple of kilometers South of the famous Cloud 9 surf break. New scuba diving enterprises have opened in General Luna and to the South, closer to Bucas Grande.

Scuba Diving Locations Around Siargao

The primary scuba diving areas, with recognized dive sites, are mostly to the southeast of Siargao Island, especially between Siargao and Bucas Grande islands. The main reason for this is that these waters are more sheltered from the Pacific Ocean swells and have more abundant coral and marine life, including myriad reef fish plus occasional turtles and a few pelagics. Areas to the North and West have been largely over-fished and are less attractive to most scuba divers.

Having said that, Siargao Island, particularly along the reefs to the northeast, has great potential for scuba diving exploration, as this is where numerous shipwrecks have been recorded since the Spanish first came to the Philippine archipelago in the 1500s, but where few have been surveyed or liberated from the reefs. Little exploration has been accomplished around the northeast of Siargao Island because the tidal flows are strong here (up to six knots at times) and there are not enough divers who find a need to go beyond the easier scuba diving areas to the southeast. One can sense that it is only a matter of time before some famous, treasure-laden shipwreck will be discovered here.

If you are an adventurous scuba diver then Siargao offers huge potential, and the unique opportunity to discover something quite rare in underwater exploration.

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Rent Scuba Diving Equipment In Siargao

Renting scuba gear in Siargao is relatively easy. At least three full service dive shops (2015) have almost everything you need for recreational diving; a few resorts have scuba gear but you had better check in advance. If you are planning some technical diving around Siargao Island then you should check in advance if what you need is available on the day.

Cost of scuba diving in Siargao is around: US$110 per dive, including gear rental. If you just want to rent scuba tanks then budget for US$30 per scuba tank.

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