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Sport fishing in Siargao has been a significant sport since the 1970s. It was for many years the almost exclusive realm of elitist anglers from the North of the Philippines, who would come to Siargao to enjoy some of the finest game fishing found anywhere in the Philippines. The Philippine Game Fishing Foundation / Federation / Association et al have used Siargao as their Pacific coast fishing center for almost forty years.

Sport Fishing Locations Around Siargao

The sport fishing areas around Siargao extend all along the reefs that boarder and protect the East coast of the island.

The traditional port of departure for sport fishing on Siargao Island is the tiny fishing town of Port Pilar, located about half way up the East coast. The town of Port Pilar is the center of sport fishing in Siargao, and it caters to local and international anglers, year-round.

Most recently resorts along the beaches off General Luna (South of Port Pilar) have become home to half-a-dozen modern sport fishing boats, available for charter. So if you want to combine a good choice of beach resort accommodation with easy access to sport fishing then this are is a viable alternative to Port Pilar.

The waters to the East of Siargao Island offer excellent sport fishing and, depending on the time of year, offer up: sailfish, marlin, yellow-fin tuna, wahoo, dorado (mahi-mahi) in abundance.

The unique location of Siargao, on the edge of the second deepest ocean trench in the World, and facing the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, make Siargao one of the most exciting sport fishing locations in the Philippines (probably in all of Asia). Siargao is on a par with the similarly exciting sport fishing location off Santa Ana / San Vicente, Cagayan, at the northern extreme of Luzon. The difference is that the weather around Siargao is more predictable throughout the year and is therefore more suited to long range vacation-planning, especially during the months of April through October.

Every year towards the end of April or the beginning of May, Siargao hosts an international sport fishing tournament. One of the features of the tournament is that competitors are encouraged hire local fishing boats, complete with local fishermen as captains and guides. The sport fishing tournament aims to provide additional income for the community, through boat hire and from visitors who will usually stay in the well-managed “home-stay” accommodation offered by the townsfolk. But it also offers a unique cultural exchange opportunity that has been cited as one of the significant benefits of the overall event.

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Rent Sport Fishing Equipment In Siargao

Renting sport fishing equipment in Siargao is easy. There are at least four places in Port Pilar where you can rent boats, fishing tackle and secure stocks of bait for your day on the water; there are a growing number of resorts, located between General Luna and the surf centre of Cloud 9, offering sport fishing boat charter. Boats for hire range in size from 16 foot to 42 foot, to suit any budget; a typical half-day fishing charter for up to six people will cost around US$150. Accommodation is usually found in “home-stay” locations within Port Pilar; up to 70 anglers can be housed concurrently in Port Pilar in well managed home-stays. Outside of Port Pilar, there are a growing number of resorts along the beaches of General Luna and Pacifico that offer fishing tackle and fishing boats.

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