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Class 1 Philippine Surfing Destination

Siargao, specifically “Cloud 9”, is the location that put the Philippines firmly on the international surfing map at the turn of the 21st century. The Pacific Ocean swells approach Siargao from Hawaii and meet the island’s long reef system that spans its entire East coast. Especially during the favored months of March & April and from September to December, Siargao receives the perfect combination of ocean swells and offshore breezes that provide surfing enthusiasts with predictable and perfect surf breaks, many featuring long barrels.

Surfing Locations Around Siargao

Without doubt the Cloud 9 break, with its perfectly formed double barrel, places Siargao amongst the top ten surfing destinations on the planet. Internationally recognized for its perfection, the Cloud 9 break provides experienced surfers with one of the longest barrels around the Pacific, Cloud 9’s predictability, during the favored months, means surfers can virtually guarantee a rewarding vacation.

When Cloud 9 is in perfect condition it is one of the most challenging surf breaks, and novices tend to bow-out and admire the experienced surfers from the vantage point of the boardwalk. The perfect condition is when there is a tropical storm approaching the Philippines that is forecast to pass North of Siargao Island.

Farther North from Cloud 9, along the same portion of reef, there are other surf breaks that are frequently surfed by novice and experienced surfers. These other breaks are most easily accessible by renting a boat from General Luna or Port Pilar - they are more remote than the walk-in, beach access at Cloud 9. Possibly the next best break to the famous Cloud 9 break is Stimpies, about three miles North of Cloud 9. Stimpies is typically for experienced surfers but novices and intermediate surfers will find it exciting when the swells are less.

The international Siargao surfing competition, held every September at Cloud 9, is world famous and attracts the best surfers from around the Pacific and Europe. Late April / early May an international women’s surfing competition is been held at Cloud 9.

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Rent Surfing Equipment In Siargao

Renting Surfing equipment is easy. There are small surf shops all along the road from General Luna town to the break at Cloud 9. Learning to surf is possible in Siargao, with many young enthusiasts happy to finance their passion for surfing by teaching others for a modest fee. Typical surfboard rental fees are around US$10 per hour with instruction around the same price; for longer rentals the prices are very negotiable.

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