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Class 3 Philippine Sport Fishing Destination

Sport Fishing Maestre De Campo (often referred to as Sibale) offers a sport fishing experience that harkens to a time when fishing was more about satisfying you need for daily sustenance rather than hooking into a 200lb marlin. In Meastre De Campo they still fish with a hand-line and they still return the ones that have not yet grown.

Sport Fishing is a sport in Maestre De Campo may give you the chance to take home a skip-jack tuna but generally the staple catch is grouper or red snapper.

Opportunities For Sport Fishing in Maestre De Campo

Sport fishing in Meastra De Campo is offered in two areas: inshore, within the marine protected area off Concepcion town or traveling farther afield to the fishing grounds to the East of the island. The sport fishing here in Meastre De Campo is accomplished either in small, one-person banka boats or slightly larger, native banka boats (good for up to three people, including the driver/guide).

Marine Protected Area Fishing

In the marine protected area only hand-line fishing is allowed. Catches of grouper and red snapper are common as are more exotic fish such as parrot fish. Here you will use a one-person banka boat, which is surprisingly safe and stable.

Off Shore Fishing

Outside the marine protected areas and (usually) to the East of Meatre De Campo Island, you may hook into a skip-jack tuna or some larger pelagic fish; if you are bottom fishing you may even land a strange sea robin. Fishing off shore you will use a native banka boat with either sails or a small inboard motor.

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Sport Fishing Tackle Rental In Maestre De Campo

Renting Sport Fishing gear and equipment is possible with local fishermen as guides. The fishing tackle offered is a variety hand-lines and fishing lures - mostly hand-made and some are exquisitely similar to the real-life marine creatures they wish to mimic.

Renting a fishing boat and fishing tackle for an hour or two, or for a day, can be achieved at very modest rates in Meastre De Campo.

Weather may not be encouraging for off shore fishing during the months of June through October due to rough waters.

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