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Class 2 Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing Destination

Kiteboarding is a new sport on Sibuyan Island. Mostly it has been pioneered by a handful of Germans, who live in the municipality of San Fernando, on the South side of the island. They will show you kiteboarding destinations around the island and then they will show you the very best that the Sibuyan Sea has to offer: Cresta de Gallo . . . Awesome!

Kiteboarding Locations Around Sibuyan

Being relatively isolated in the Sibuyan Sea, Sibuyan Island enjoys good breezes throughout the year. Not all of the beaches are suitable for kiteboarding but it seems that whatever time of year you visit, the breeze is good somewhere around the island and there will be at least one beach available and suitable for kiteboarding.

The most awesome kiteboarding destination around Sibuyan Island is found at Cresta de Gallo. Cresta de Gallo is basically a sand bar in the middle of the ocean, facing both the northeast monsoon and the southwest monsoon. It is deserted, except for a few fishermen, and the white sand beach fringed by sloping soft coral reefs make this one of the most amazing kiteboarding destinations on the planet. Allow one hour to get to Cresta de Gallo by boat.

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Rent Kiteboarding Equipment In Sibuyan

Kiteboarding equipment rental in San Fernando, Sibuyan, is easy if you do not want to lug your own kite and board. If you prefer to go alone then bring your own gear.

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