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Class 2 Spear Fishing Destination

Spear fishing in Sibuyan is a minority sport but one that has been pioneered by the (current) Mayor of San Fernando, Sibuyan. Mayor Rios (as he is known) has been exploring spear fishing destinations around Sibuyan for a decade or more. He has an impressive array of thirteen spear guns, most of which he has made himself to be most suitable for the sport.

Mayor Rios is happy to entertain any and all visitors who visit San Fernando, for a night of spear fishing and to enjoy the resulting fish soup for breakfast.

Spear Fishing Locations Around Sibuyan

As a minority sport, spear fishing around Sibuyan is only recognized in the municipality of San Fernando. Spear fishing in the Sibuyan Sea, off the shores of San Fernando, is a nighttime affair. An alternative, for daytime spear fishing, is to hunt large, freshwater shrimps, for which a specialized spear gun is required.

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Rent Spear Fishing Equipment In Sibuyan

Renting spear fishing gear in Sibuyan is currently (2013) only possible at from the home of Mayor Rios. Mayor is happy to rent out his spear guns and to escort enthusiast to the best places where to catch the most desirable sea fish and freshwater shrimps.

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