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Class 1 Philippine Trekking Destination

Trekking Sibuyan offers a wide variety of Trekking experiences along rivers, in lowland forest, dense rainforest and mountain peaks. The most dramatic and inspirational treks are within the Mount Guiting-guiting National Park, which is known for having the densest rainforest of any place on Earth. Trekking in Sibuyan is further enhanced by a large group of trained tour guides who will not only guide you along the trails but will also provide you with a wealth of information about the rivers, the forest and the flora and fauna observable throughout.

Sibuyan is known as the Galapagos of Asia because of its extreme biodiversity of both animal and plant life. Many species of bird, bat and small forest dwelling creatures are unique to science and it suspected that there are many more unique flora and fauna here yet to be described by scientists.

Opportunities For Trekking in Sibuyan

Trekking in Sibuyan can be easy or challenging, depending on your level of experience and stamina. There are too many treks and trails to mention on one page but here are a few of the most popular.

Mount Guiting-guiting Summit

Since 1996 the Mt. Guiting-guiting Summit trek has been the ultimate challenge for hikers and trekkers on Sibuyan Island. The hike to the summit takes around three days. Camping is required and tents can be provided. One of the highlights of this trek is the traverse of the sawtooth like ridge that gives the mountain its name - in the local dialect guiting-guiting means sawtooth. There are a number of entry points into the Mt. Guiting-guiting National Park to reach the summit but the most used are those in the municipality of Magdiwang. Reaching the summit of Mount Guiting-guiting at an elevation of 2,058 metres, on a clear day offers a spectacular panorama of the lush rainforest forest and agricultural periphery of Sibuyan Island plus you can see the islands of: Boracay, Tablas, Romblon and Masbate.

Cajidiocan Bike Trail

The Cajidiocan Bike Trail, opened in mid-2014, not only offers mountain biking in the forest but also offers a hiking trail that is steep in places and provides a unique opportunity to view some of the forest birds. The views of the valleys and lowland agricultural areas afforded from various vantage points along the trail are spectacularly serene. There are no rivers along this trail so remember to take drinking water with you when you hike the Cajidiocan Bike Trail.

Dagubdub River Trek

The Dagubdub River Trek is an relatively easy hike across grazing lands and through lowland forest in the municipality of San Fernando. Of particular interest here may be the exotic birds, especially forest doves (including the extremely rare bleeding heart dove) and eagles and hawks soaring high on the thermals while hunting. Along the way your guide may show you a variety of edible leaves and berries plus medicinal plants used for a wide variety of first-aid applications. Swimming in the cascading river pools is almost obligatory and there are a number of bamboo & nipa rest-stations along the route.

Lambingan River Trail

The Lambingan Falls Trail offers an easy introduction to the lowland forest. The trail follows the forest river to the first set of waterfalls, known as the Lambingan Falls (or, falls for lovers) from where you may boulder to a series of smaller falls and pools at higher elevation. One of the most outstanding features of the trek is the sudden realization of the clarity of the forest filtered water that feeds the river. Along the way you may observe orioles and doves along with a number of other forest birds.

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Trekking Gear Rental In Sibuyan

Renting Trekking gear and equipment is possible at almost all locations, depending on the complexity of the trail.

Hiring the services of local tour guides is recommended for all areas if you want to fully appreciate why Sibuyan is also known as the Galapagos of Asia.

Note: If you trek within the Mount Guiting-guiting National Park then you are required to employ the services of a forest ranger/guide for around US$25 per day and to pay an entrance fee of around US$7 per person (prices current as of May 2014).

Weather may not be encouraging for trekking and hiking during the months of June through September due to the long periods of moderate-to-heavy rain.

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