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Jet Skiing around Subic Bay has been a passion for octane junkies for the best part of two decades. At first they were allowed to travel all over the Bay but, as Subic Bay has become a more important harbor for trade, the realm of the jet ski has been reduced significantly in order that they do not interfere with commercial vessels.

However, the designation of a specific jet skiing area has not interfered with the sport and high octane action is possible in a number of places around Subic Bay throughout the year.

Jet Skiing Locations Around Subic Bay

Jet Skiing areas within the commercial area of the bay are limited to a rectangular course, just off the Boardwalk (which has been removed but everyone knows where it was). This is the only area designated for high speed jet ski circuits within the former Subic Bay Naval Base.

For the adventurous jet skiing enthusiast a trip directly South from the Boardwalk (direct trips allowed) will take you to the beaches to the North and South of the bay entrance (about six nautical miles distant). South of Subic Bay, the seaside town of Morong has a number of interesting beaches where to come ashore and visit beach resorts for lunch. To the North there are a couple of small, relatively sheltered bays with almost uninhabited beaches, such as the pretty Silanguin Cove - the beach at Silanguin Cove is a great place for a relaxing snorkel and a picnic lunch on the white sand beach.

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Rent Jet Skis In Subic Bay

Renting Jet Skis in Subic Bay is easy. You can rent safety wear and a jet ski (of almost any power you desire) along the Boardwalk beach and from some Moonbay Marina resort hotels. Prices range from US$75 to US$125 per hour, inclusive of mandatory safety wear.

In Subic Bay it is also possible to rent jet ski driven water toys such as a Flyboard or Hoverboard, in fact pretty much anything that a jet ski can power is available here in Subic Bay. Most jet ski driven water toys are around US$100 for a 20-minute thrill.

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