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Class 2 Kayaking Destination

Subic Bay, Zambales, at almost any time of year is a great place for kayaking. There are rivers and beaches to explore here in Subic Bay and many lifestyle alternatives to distract.

Go wild or get up close to wildlife, it's your choice when kayaking Subic Bay.

Kayaking Locations Around Subic Bay

If you enjoy drifting on the current then the kayak up the small river system from El Kabayao Road, all the way to the Subic Bay Golf course. At the bridge you can surprise those on the greens and then drift back down and imbibe Mother Nature along the mangrove lined riverbanks.

Prefer the open sea? Then kayak out past the container terminal and past the airport to Ocean Adventure. Maybe stop to snorkel the giant clams or nudge into the mangrove-lined bays.

During the northeast monsoon season (October through May) for entertainment, you can rent a kayak along Baloy Beach or in Barrio Barretto, paddle out to White Castle Rock or Snake Island and then come back and raft up at one of the floating bars. Note: the floating bars can be party places in the evening so you may need help getting the kayak back.

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Rent Kayaks & Gear Equipment In Subic Bay

Renting kayaks and kayaking gear in Subic Bay is possible at selected beach resorts but they usually only rent to guests, so check with you resort hotel before making a reservation. Most of the resorts along Baloy Beach and in Barrio Barretto have kayaks and safety gear for rent and if the resort where you are booked does not have any then there are water sports places along Baloy Beach that will rent to all visitors.

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