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Class 2 Snorkeling Destination

Snorkeling has been popular around Subic Bay since the time when the U.S. Navy Seventh Fleet made Subic Bay its home.

Designated snorkeling areas were not required before the U.S. Navy left in 1992 because the waters of Subic Bay were basically off-limits to non-Navy personnel. With the departure of the U.S. Navy and the development of Subic Bay as a water sports tourism destination, snorkeling areas (or rather areas where you should not) have been created.

Snorkeling Locations Around Subic Bay

All around Subic Bay, but especially along the East and southern extents of the Bay, there are coral reefs easily accessible from the shore. However, the best snorkeling areas are near the mouth of Subic Bay, between Grande Island and Ocean Adventure.

To the East of Grande Island is a large expanse of coral reef that is regularly flushed by tidal movement, with depths of 10 meters or less. In this area also are two 19th century wrecks, deliberately sunk by the colonial Spanish in what turned out to be a futile attempt to prevent the U.S. Navy from entering Subic Bay in 1898.

To the North of Grande Island are areas that have been recently (2011) seeded with juvenile giant clams in an effort to restore one of Subic Bay's historic marine spectacles. The giant clam seeding has been largely successful and it is now possible to snorkel over hundreds of gaping clams whenever the mood takes you.

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Renting Snorkeling Equipment In Subic Bay

Snorkeling equipment and hiring snorkeling guides in Subic Bay is easy. There are many dive shops and water-sports-focused resorts and hotels and all you have to do is ask. Prices are a little higher than in most other parts of the Philippines but if you find yourself in Subic Bay with the urge to get wet then snorkeling is a great way to do it.

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