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Class 2 Sport Fishing Destination

Sport Fishing is growing in popularity around Subic Bay. Within the Bay area itself, you can fish from the shore at especially designated fishing areas or go outside Subic Bay, beyond Grande Island, for trolling or bottom fishing.

Along the western shores of Subic Bay you can fish anywhere and compete with local fishermen for a wide variety of fish. Along the eastern portions of Subic Bay you are restricted in your choice of fishing spots because the eastern side of the Bay is a protected area. On the eastern side of the Bay you can only fish in designated fishing areas. Beyond Grande Island there is no restriction on where you may choose to fish.

Sport Fishing Locations Around Subic Bay

Fishing Inside Subic Bay

The designated sport fishing areas within Subic Bay are along Argonaut Highway and along the shore, at the northeast end of Subic Bay International Airport. In these areas you can find a wide range of bottom fish, including grouper and snapper, and occasionally some pelagic fish. Here also, at between 4.00pm and 5.00pm every day, you may witness the spectacle of rays jumping for joy . . . if you chance to hook a ray, you must return it to the water alive.

Fishing Outside Subic Bay

For those with deeper pockets you can rent a boat and travel outside Subic Bay, where you have a choice of: tying up to a Fish Aggregating Device (FAD), where you will also compete with local fishermen for diner-size fish; going out and troll for larger pelagic species, such as sailfish, blue marlin, dorado (mahi mahi) and Spanish Mackerel; or, go ever father out and find some excellent bottom fishing spots where large red snapper, grouper, big-eye trevally and some of the Pacific Rim's more unusual deep water fish may be found. If you choose to go beyond Grande Island then it is recommended that you choose days when the weather is relatively calm as the West Philippine Sea can get rough outside, especially if there is a southerly or westerly blowing.

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Renting Sport Fishing Gear In Subic Bay

Sport Fishing gear rental on Subic Bay is limited, with only a handful of beach resorts offering equipment for hire.

If you want to rent a boat to go outside the Bay then you will have to ask for assistance from the resort hotel where you are planning to stay. For boat rental, you can also contact Broadwater Marine (located along Argonaut Highway at Magellan's Landing) and ask for Rod or Ken. Typical boat rental rates are US$350 per half day, inclusive of fuel and boat captain but exclusive of bait, food and beverages.

Best advice is to bring your own sport fishing gear and plan ahead if you are expecting to rent a suitable boat.

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