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Class 2 Windsurfing Destination

Windsurfing in Subic Bay has been popular for a decade or more and was previosuly featured as a part of the Philippine Windsurfing Association competition circuit. Although not currently a competition venue, the windsurfers have kept their interest in Subic Bay during the peak of the habagat, or southwest monsoon, (June - September).

During the peak of the southwest monsoon the southerly breezes are moderate to strong, onshore, along the most popular beach areas and other locations. Wind speeds of 15-25 knots are not uncommon, especially in the afternoons.

Windsurfing Locations Around Subic Bay

Subic Bay is a large body of water and there are many beach areas and locations exposed to the southerly breezes. There are two popular spots for Windsurfing here: one for all levels of experienced windsurfers and one for only extreme windsurfers.

Moonbay Marina Beach

The Moonbay Marina Beach is the long, sandy beach area that faces South, and is closest to most of the hotels and restaurants. Launching is easy and as the water becomes deep quite slowly, it is ideal for learning the sport of Windsurfing.

Whatever you level of experience, when the southerly breezes are pumping towards the Moonbay Marina Beach Windsurfing is fast and fun here in Subic Bay.

Grande Island East

If you are an experienced windsurfer then off Grande Island you will enjoy launching off waves. The reef area is between Grande Island and the southeast shores of Subic Bay offers extreme windsurfing. Along this reef system the word wind-surfing comes into its own, it is here that the wind and surfing become one.

Access to the area of Grande Island East is challenging because access is usually by boat, but if you want extreme Windsurfing then this is the place to be.

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Rent Windsurfing Equipment In Subic Bay

Renting Windsurfing equipment in Subic Bay is not easy. There is no recognized Windsurfing centre although a couple of the resort hotels along Moonbay Marina Beach have become home-bases for the windsurfers who come each year.

Best advice: bring you own Windsurfing equipment.

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