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Class 3 Caving / Potholing Destination

Caving / Potholing around Surigao Island was made popular during the 1980s and the Surigao's popularity has continued to grow as more places have been designated Marine Protected Areas. The star attraction is Caving / Potholing Balicasag Island where the waters are pristine, protected and highly productive in terms of the abundance and diversity of marine life.

Caving / Potholing Locations Around Surigao

The municipality of Gigaquit on, the East Coast of Surigao del Norte, is crossed by the Baoy River. The Baoy River is voluminous and fast flowing in the rainy season (July to September) but shrinks markedly during the dry season. Over the eons it has cut its way through the limestone terrain leaving steep cliffs on both sides. Local guides speak of many bats along the river and in the surrounding fields and forest so there may be many caves here.

On the Northern shore, along a small tributary will be found the the Cuyapnit Cave. In the local dialect Cuyapnit means "fallen", and much of the vaulting roof of the cave has done just that. This has left the floor of the cave somewhat challenging to navigate, with large sharp rocks and boulders to climb over or circumnavigate. There is no evidence of any significant bat population here (guides tell of guano hunters in the past) so wherever the bats currently roost, it must be somewhere as yet undiscovered. Cuyapnit Cave is by no means the most interesting cave system in Mindanao but, for advanced cavers and potholers, there is the chance to enter the cave through the roof at at least one point, offering a ten meter rappel / abseil to the cave floor. Visually, Cuyapnit Cave is quite spectacular, with a wide variety of crystalline structures. Except for those who rappel / abseil through the roof, Cuyapnit Cave is only a level two cave in terms of difficulty.

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Rent Caving / Potholing Equipment In Surigao

Renting Caving equipment is only possible through the livelihood project on Baoy River focused on Cuyapnit Cave at the moment. If you want to explore the Baoy River further of want to investigate other areas for caving / potholing then you should be prepared to bring your own equipment. In the municipality of Gigaquit you will find the Mayor's office very supportive of any exploration efforts.

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